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Photo Gallery: Hermione’s Arrival and a Tour of the Ship

The Godspeed, which sailed from Jamestown Settlement to meet the Hermione, pulls up next to her. (Elizabeth Hornsby/WYDaily)
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Hundreds of visitors gathered to watch the Hermione sail into port at Yorktown early Friday morning.

Undeterred by the fog and cool temperatures, locals and tourists alike lined up on the beach and along Riverwalk Landing to catch the first glimpse of the ship as it approached the shore.

After traveling for nearly a month to get here, port was a welcome site to the sailors onboard as well. Dressed in period costumes, they gathered along the deck and broke out into a French sea shanty as soon as they were officially docked.

The Hermione was greeted not only by cheers from the crowd but also a volley of cannon fire and a fireworks show.

After the reenactment of the ceremonial handshake between George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette, Gov. Terry McAuliffe and several other high-ranking officials and dignitaries were the first to tour the ship.

Tours of the ship are open to the public through Sunday. Admission is free but tickets are required, and can be picked up at the ticket booth by Riverwalk Landing.

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