Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeologists Launch New Website

A screenshot of the new Jamestown Rediscovery website.
A screenshot of the new Jamestown Rediscovery website.

Nearly 20 years after unveiling its first website, the team of archaeologists at Jamestown Rediscovery has launched a new website to showcase its work uncovering the buried secrets of the first English settlers on Jamestown Island.

The team began work in 1994 to first find and then learn more about the original James Fort, which existed in the first years of English settlement on the island.

They have now discovered more than 2 million artifacts. The team made waves internationally in 2013 when it announced it discovered evidence of cannibalism at the island.

The site,, is online now. Jamestown Rediscovery first took to the Internet to showcase its work in 1996.

The new site includes an abundance of resources for both interested members of the public and more specialized users, like teachers and homeschool families. Resources include maps, presentations of artifacts, games and activities for kids, an interactive timeline of the original days at Jamestown and lesson plans for educators.

“The new JR website graphically illustrates the remarkable discoveries at Historic Jamestowne over the past two decades: uncovering the footprint of the lost 1607 fort, finding the first Protestant church in America, and unearthing one of the richest treasure troves of artifacts ever discovered at an early European-American site,” James Horn, the president and chief officer of Jamestown Rediscovery, said in a news release announcing the new site.

The redesign of the website is part of an effort by Preservation Virginia to establish a new organization called the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation, which will help support the archaeologists.

Horn, an expert in early Virginia and American history, leads the foundation. It will help raise funds for archaeology, collections development, exhibits, educational outreach and special events.

WYDaily runs a monthly story called Jamestown Unearthed detailing the latest from the archaeologists’ dig. Check out the latest edition here.

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