Friday, December 8, 2023

Tests Show City Water Supply Meets State, Federal Regulations

WaterThe City of Williamsburg’s water received the all clear, after annual testing showed no noticeable problems with the supply.

The city’s water met all state and federal requirements for cleanliness and purity in 2014, and was within safety ranges for more than 100 contaminants, according to a report issued Thursday.

“Once again, test results show that Williamsburg’s water not only meets, but in many cases, is of higher quality than state and federal regulations require it to be,” Public Works and Utilities Director Dan Clayton said in a news release. “We strive to provide the highest-quality water that is safe to drink, great tasting and affordable.”

Williamsburg’s main source of water is the Waller Mill Reservoir, a 350-acre lake located in York County, which holds about 1.5 billion gallons of water. Much of the lake’s watershed is located within the city limits.

The city’s supply is supplemented by water from the Newport News Waterworks, which is used by the city under a long-term agreement.

All drinking water, including bottled water, is susceptible to small amounts of contamination. Both the Virginia Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency have established safety limits for contaminants in public water systems, including contamination from natural erosion, industrial discharge and stormwater runoff.

Testing of Williamsburg’s water supply showed it was within safe ranges for all contaminants covered by state and federal regulations.

The city uses a multi-step treatment process to limit the contamination of its water supply, including the use of chlorine to remove bacteria and viruses, the addition of fluoride to prevent tooth decay in children, and adding activated carbon to prevent taste and odor issues.

A full description of the city’s treatment process is available here.

Williamsburg operates and maintains its own water and sewer systems, and uses about 50 miles of lines.

The full annual water quality report is available online here.

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