Sunday, June 16, 2024

York Planners Recommend Approval for Change in Size Limit for Political Signs

York Hall
York Hall

An amendment to allow political campaign headquarters to have a 40-square-foot political sign in addition to their already established building signage was recommended unanimously for approval by the York County Planning Commission on Wednesday.

Under current county code, any home, business or nonprofit may have one temporary political sign of 40 square feet, but political headquarters are restricted to a 32-square-foot political sign in addition to existing signage at the building.

The ordinance as it stands does not comply with state law that says any political sign must be given the same opportunity as all other temporary signs, which are also limited to 40 square feet  in the county.

The proposed regulation would allow political campaign headquarters to have one 40-square-foot political sign along with the signage that accompanies the building. All other temporary or political signs on properties would also be limited to 40 square feet.

York County also allows citizens to have an unlimited number 6-square-foot signs. Political signs can be placed 60 days prior to the election and must be taken down within seven days following the election.

Commissioner Richard Myer Jr. (District 5) said a couple citizens caught the inconsistency while doing research on the subject.

“It’s a good example of citizen involvement,” he said.

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