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Fewer Historic Triangle Workers Unemployed in Second Quarter

Historic Triangle Sign USE1Unemployment across the Historic Triangle fell in the second quarter of 2014 as fewer members of the area’s workforce were without jobs.

The statewide unemployment average for the second quarter was 5.13 percent, which was slightly lower than the first-quarter average of 5.27 percent. James City County’s rate fell to 4.77 percent from 5.43 percent in the first quarter. York County’s rate dropped from 5.03 percent to 4.83 percent, and the City of Williamsburg’s rate tumbled from 8.73 percent to 7.83 percent.

Unemployment rates were lowest in April. York County had 4.3 percent of its workforce — a total of 1,467 people — unemployed. James City had 1,503 unemployed, for a total of 4.2 percent. The City of Williamsburg had 6.5 percent, or 407 people, unemployed.

The state unemployment average in April was 4.7 percent, while 5.9 percent of workers across the country were unemployed.

Unemployment rates climbed slightly in May, when the state had 5.3 percent of its workforce unemployed with the nation at 6.1 percent. York and James City each had 5 percent unemployed. Williamsburg had 528 unemployed workers, for a total of 8.3 percent.

June’s unemployment rates were highest, when 5.4 percent of the Virginia workforce was unemployed. More than 1,800 workers each in James City and York counties were unemployed, for a total of 5.1 percent and 5.2 percent, respectively. Williamsburg had 559 members of its workforce unemployed for a total of 8.7 percent.

Virginia was caught in a three-way tie with Colorado and Washington for the 16th lowest unemployment rate in June. James City County tied for 30th lowest in June with Gloucester and Spotsylvania counties and the City of Winchester. York tied for 34th lowest with the cities of Virginia Beach, Salem and Roanoke in June, and Williamsburg tied with Russell County for 121th out of 134 places.

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