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City Planning Commission to Host Public Hearing on New Plant Nursery Today

evelyn nurseryA new plant nursery could be coming to the City of Williamsburg in the old public works building on Capitol Landing Road.

Tom Evelyn, owner of the Charles City Forest Products Inc. sawmill in Providence Forge, is looking to open up a landscaping, shrubbery and seed store in city limits called Evelyn Nursery. Evelyn said the business would sell vegetable plants, hardware, wheelbarrows, shovels, seed, lime, mulch and decorative pave stones.

Evelyn said the business is still in its early stages and he is planning to start work on the building if City Council approves the use of the old public works building at 910 Capitol Landing Road.

“We’re just getting started,” Evelyn said. “First thing we want to do is secure the building.”

The plans will first go before the Planning Commission at its meeting today. The board will host a public hearing on whether to recommend City Council allow garden centers in the Corridor District — which includes areas at the major entrances into the city — with a special-use permit, and then whether to issue the permit if the zoning ordinance is changed.

Evelyn said he plans on saving the integrity of the building and doing a renovation rather than demolishing it, though two additions at the front of the building will be torn down. He said he needs to fix the windows and floors and replace a few beams before the building is structurally sound.

The nursery will have 3,250 square feet for its indoor showroom, about 6,000 square feet for an outdoor display and a 1-acre storage yard that will have a fence to screen it from public view.

“It’s in pretty good shape,” Evelyn said. “But it’s been vacant for years.”

Evelyn plans on using a few nurseries in North Carolina as suppliers. He said he is hopeful the city will approve the business and said they “seem to be very cooperative at this point.”

The Architectural Review Board already approved the plans on Jan.28. Planning Commission will consider Evelyn Nursery’s application at 3:30 p.m. today in the Stryker Center.

Nicole Trifone contributed to this article.

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