Monday, February 6, 2023

JCC Police Identify Man Shot, Killed by Officer

Virginia State Police and James City County Police blocked access to Colonial Manor Senior Living Center after a fatal, officer-involved shooting May 20.

James City County Police have identified the man who was shot and killed by an officer Monday afternoon as 26-year-old Anthony Michael Bland, a James City County resident.

James City County Police responded at 4:22 p.m. Monday to a reported fight at Colonial Manor Senior Living on Pocahontas Trail. Two men described to be roommates were in an altercation that eventually moved outside.

A police officer got out of his car to confront the suspects, when one of them, who was driving a car, struck the 44-year-old officer. The officer was pinned between his vehicle and the suspect’s vehicle. That officer then began shooting into the suspect’s car, who drove away to the side of Colonial Manor and then returned on foot.

He began threatening to kill the injured officer, and after another brief struggle, the officer shot and killed Bland.

The injured officer was airlifted to Norfolk General Hospital, where he is being treated for a broken pelvis and a fractured elbow. Police have not yet released the name of the officer because it is an open investigation. A  news release said the officer has been with the James City County Police Department for about four years. He is a retired U.S. Navy veteran.

James City County Police are conducting an internal investigation, but the criminal investigation will be handled by the Virginia State Police.

Bland was living at Colonial Manor as part of a Community Services Board program. Dr. Pedro Becerra, the owner and director of Colonial Manor Senior Living, said the dead man and his roommate were temporary residents who had been living there for about two-and-a-half months. He said they were the only two CSB residents at the facility and that they had not presented any problems prior to Monday’s incident.

David Coe, executive director of Colonial Behavioral Health, said he cannot comment on this case in particular and that he cannot confirm or deny any involvement from the Community Services Board.

He said the Community Services Board has a small program with Colonial Manor that ensures two beds at the assisted living home where short-term residential housing services are provided to people who have experienced a mental health crisis. This program allows the residents time for stabilization before they transition to a more permanent home in the community.

“There are many individuals in Virginia with serious mental illness that utilize assisted living facilities as a place of residence,” Coe said. “It has worked well statewide for years.”

Coe said assisted living facilities throughout the state provide services not only to the elderly but to people experiencing a wide range of disabilities. He said the facilities are one of the primary housing options in Virginia and in many states throughout the nation for people with serious mental illnesses.

“It’s a place where they get a good amount of support, not only from the facility but from professionals from the Community Services Board, from [Colonial Behavioral Health],” Coe said.

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