Thursday, November 30, 2023

Dominion Energy Issues Statement Ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa

This is the latest track of Tropical Storm Elsa as of 7 a.m. on Wednesday, July 7 (Courtesy of NWS Wakefield)

HAMPTON ROADS — On Wednesday, July 7, Dominion Energy issued a statement ahead of the arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa.

Dominion Energy, which operates in 16 states, servicing almost 7 million customers, has stated that it has additional crews and resources available heading into the storm, which is scheduled to reach Hampton Roads on Thursday, July 8.

The energy company advises residents that if a power outage does occur, to give them a call at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357). The other way to report and/or track an outage is to either visit the website,, or to download the Dominion Energy Outage Center app from either the Google Play or Apple App stores.

For the safety of residents, Dominion Energy also advises to beware of downed power lines. Due to the danger that these pose, it is important to stay at least 30 feet away from the down lines and make sure that none of your family members, pets, and neighbors go near it. If you spot downed power lines, call Dominion Energy right away at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357).

If you are planning to use a generator, make sure that it is fueled, tested, and is properly connected before the storm. Always operate your generator outdoors in a place with good ventilation.

Also, prepare a storm ready kit with the following items:

  1. Flashlights, batteries, cleaning supplies, and face coverings
  2. First Aid kit with bandages, anti-bacterial wipes, over-the-counter and prescription medications
  3. Healthcare information for everyone in your household as well as preparing medical devices
  4. A supply of nonperishable food and water
  5. Updated contact information

Also to prepare, remember the following:

  1. Make a plan with neighbors and loved ones who may be disabled or elderly
  2. Charge all electrical devices such as cell phones prior to the storm
  3. Know all of your flood zone, evacuation routes, and local shelters. It is important to note the rules and regulations of your local shelter before going to one.
  4. Make a plan for your pets to make sure that they are safe and cared for during the storm.

For more information on storm preparedness as well as find links to websites that will advise you of what to do, visit the WYDaily article, Hurricane Season preparedness.

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