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Report: Utility Costs on the Rise in Williamsburg

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WILLIAMSBURG — Households in Williamsburg spend $315 per month on utilities, up 6.7% year over year, according to a recently released report from doxo, an online third-party bill paying company.

Doxo’s U.S. Utilities Market Size and Household Spending Report for 2022,  released on Dec. 20, examines how much Americans spend on utility bills, including electric, gas, water and sewer, and waste and recycling each month.

The report’s findings include:

  • Utility bills in Williamsburg: $315 spent per month, up 6.7% year over year.
  • Utility bills in Virginia: $299 spent per month.
  • National Average Monthly/Annual Cost: $328 spent per month; $3,936 spent per year
  • Percent of Households: 78% of U.S. households pay Utility bills
  • Average Annual Cost per U.S. Household: $3,070 per year*
  • Total Utilities Market Size: $399 billion spent per year
  • Percent of Annual Income: Utility bills amount to 6% of consumers’ income per year

In addition to utility data, doxo also has total household spending information for Williamsburg, noting:

  • Monthly bill amount in Williamsburg: The average household pays $2,196 a month for the 10 most common household bills.
  • Rank in Virginia: Williamsburg is the #43 most expensive city in Virginia for household expenses.
  • Williamsburg’s monthly bills compared to Virginia and national averages: The household expenses in Williamsburg, on average, are 9.7% higher than the national average of $2,003, and 1.5% lower than the state average of $2,229.

Additional breakdowns can be found in the regional report, which also includes comparisons to nearby cities, including Yorktown and Newport News.

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