Thursday, April 18, 2024

Updated: Dominion Crews Working to Restore Power in the Region

(Courtesy of Dominion Energy)

RICHMOND — Dominion Energy said it is working to restore service to customers impacted by Friday’s severe wind and plunging temperatures, adding as of 5 p.m., it had restored power to more than 75% of the 224,000 customers who lost power.

Dominion said about 65,000 customers lost power today in Hampton Roads and Northern North Carolina, of which 17,000 remain out.

UPDATE: Dominion Energy said crews made significant progress overnight restoring power to 93% of its customers, adding in Hampton Roads and Northern North Carolina, crews made repairs and restored service at nearly 1,300 work locations since yesterday.  As of 10 a.m. Saturday, Dominion said 2,800 remain in the dark at 166 locations. 

Dominion said crews will continue working this evening and throughout the day Saturday, with a goal to restore power to nearly all remaining customers by 11 p.m. Saturday. Should a project extend past that time, Dominion will contact those customers.

As assessment and repairs continue, estimated restoration times for individual customer outages will be provided on the Dominion Energy website.

Dominion provides the following tips for customers:

  • The mobile app and website are the best ways to report outages and track restoration. For the fastest and easiest service, report outages and track restoration times through the Dominion Energy mobile app or website.
  • Warming shelters and other emergency resources may be available in your area. Customers who are without power should contact 211 to find warming shelters and other emergency resources in your community.
  • Stay away from downed poles and power lines. If you see a downed pole or wire, please report it by calling 866-DOM-HELP and stay at least 30 feet away. The line could be energized and dangerous.
  • Keep devices fully charged. Keep your phone, computer, portable batteries and other electronic devices fully charged in case you lose power.
  • Make sure your generator is properly connected. If you have a generator, make sure it is fueled, tested, and properly connected, and always operate it outdoors with good ventilation.

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