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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Jamestown Rediscovery Celebrates Archeology Month; Archaeology Day on Oct. 8

A collaboration between the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and Jamestown Rediscovery. (Courtesy of Virginia DHR and Jamestown Rediscovery. )

JAMESTOWN — Jamestown Rediscovery and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources have partnered for the month of October to develop a commemorative poster that features various artifacts uncovered at Jamestown Island and at James Fort.

Staff Archaeologist Caitlin Delmas and Senior Conservator Dan Gamble carefully excavate English armor from a fort-period pit near the Church Tower. Both European and Virginia Indian ceramics lie just inches from the armor. (Courtesy of Jamestown Rediscovery)

October is known as Virginia Archaeology Month and is typically celebrated through programs and events at libraries, museums, historical societies, clubs, and active archaeological sites around the state. For this year’s Archeology Month, Jamestown Rediscovery is honoring Virginia’s Indigenous History.

The theme for the 2022 commemorative poster is “Jamestown in the Land of Tsenacommacah.”

According to Jamestown Rediscovery, through funding from the Jamestowne Society, the archaeology team is excavating a 17th-century pit containing English armor fragments and Native American potsherds. The ceramics likely originate with traded food from the Powhatan people, who supported the colony in its early years, it said.

The archeology team at Jamestown Rediscovery conducts research into the complex interactions between the English and the Powhatans. This includes uncovering the many artifacts featured in the new poster as well as a recently discovered building that may have been a watch tower or a gatehouse, the organization says.

According to Jamestown Rediscovery, “This juxtaposition-evidence of friendly trade side-by-side with military fortifications-presents a microcosm of the complex negotiations of space, control, and autonomy that took place between the English and Powhatan beginning in 1607.”

On Saturday, Oct. 8, Historic Jamestowne will host events throughout the day that allow visitors to chat with archaeologists and historians, examine current excavations, and tour sites including the 1607 James Fort. The full list of scheduled events can be found online on Historic Jamestowne’s Archaeology Day page.

To learn more about Archeology Month, and how to receive a copy of the commemorative poster, head over to the Virginia DHR website.

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