Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Fox Bites 5 People, Dog, Cat; Rabies Test for Fox is Pending 

(WYDaily File Image)

WILLIAMSBURG — A wild gray fox bit five people, one dog, and one cat in the City of Williamsburg during the overnight hours of Monday, Aug. 22 and Tuesday, Aug. 23, according to a news release. 

Fox bites and sightings were reported in the areas of Mimosa Drive, Boundary Street, Counselor’s Way, and Griffin Avenue, according to the city. 

The fox is now deceased, the city said, adding lab results are pending on whether the fox was rabid. 

Anyone who believes that they, someone they know, or who has pets that may have come in contact with any fox should contact the Virginia Department of Health at 757-603-4277 or peninsula.eh@vdh.virginia.gov. 

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