Thursday, September 21, 2023

Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center Opens Registration for Artisan Extravaganza Show

(Courtesy of Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center)

WILLIAMSBURG — The Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center (WCAC) has opened registration for its Artisan Extravaganza Show which will run from July 13 to Aug. 5.

Registration for the show is open to all artisans, including both members and non-members of WCAC. There is no fee to enter the show. All works must be original, family-friendly, and conceived and executed solely by the artisan. WCAC will not accept works done with commercial molds or kits.

“Works may be functional or strictly decorative, e.g., pottery, jewelry, glass, wood, metal, sculpture, clothing, other textiles, decorative painting, household items, garden items, furniture, etc,” according to a WCAC news release. 

Artisans who register their artwork for the show may exhibit up to twelve pieces as the room allows. If accepted into the show, there is a Show Contract/Inventory Form to be filled out by the artist to register the artwork that can be found here.

According to WCAC, artisans may price their work at actual current market values. WCAC will retain a 40% commission on all sales with 60% paid to artisans within two weeks of the show’s closure.

WCAC will take every precaution to safeguard works, but artisans should also provide their own coverage as a claim under WCAC’s insurance will only cover 60% of the actual current market value of the work.

Local artists who are interested in the show should contact Michael Jones, Art Center Manager, at or at 757-229-4949.

For more information on WCAC, visit its website.

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