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Poquoson History Museum Recovers Stolen 19th-Century Anchor

A 19th-century anchor had been reported missing from the Poquoson Museum. Photo from Sept. 2021 (Courtesy of a Poquoson resident)

POQUOSON — The Poquoson Museum has recovered the 19th-century anchor first reported missing last year on Sept. 20.

According to the museum’s website, the anchor was recovered from a Poquoson property by the Poquoson Police Department on June 16.

The historic anchor is seven feet in length, five feet wide at its base, and weighs approximately one ton (2,000 pounds).

WYDaily first reported on the theft in Sept. 2021. At the time, Poquoson Museum President Paul Whitlow said that the anchor would have likely have been stolen in the early morning or late night, and would have required at least three people to move due to its sheer weight and size. Construction equipment was used to bring the recovered anchor back to the museum property.

Whitlow told WYDaily in 2021 the anchor was donated by a family in Fox Hill in the early 2000s, along with a number of other anchors that reside with the museum.

The recovered 19th-century anchor was found covered in mud, and on June 18, members of the Troop 28 Cub Scouts volunteered to clean the rediscovered item for the museum.

Poquoson Police Department thanked the community on social media for providing tips and information while investigators worked to locate the anchor. The investigation is still ongoing.

For more information and updates on the Poquoson Museum, please follow the museum’s official Facebook page.

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