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Williamsburg Health Foundation Announces June 2022 Grants

(Courtesy of Williamsburg Health Foundation)

WILLIAMSBURG — The Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF) has announced 22 grants worth around four million dollars of investment for June 2022.

The Board of Trustees of WHF met and approved the grants on Monday, June 6.

“This is the second year of implementation of our most recent strategic plan,” said WHF President and CEO Carol L. Sale. “We are pleased to be investing strategically in so many good causes and programs impacting the health of our community.”

According to a news release from WHF, with the strategic goal to ‘Target behavioral and social risk factors that influence the health of individuals throughout the life span,’ the largest funded program is SHIP, the School Health Initiative Program. Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools partner with WHF, teachers, students, parents, and other community partners to build life-long, healthy school habits.

The following is a list of all the grants/projects that were approved along with the WHF Funding area for the strategic plan.

Agency Name Project Title Project Description Grant Amount WHF Funding Area
Colonial Behavorial Health Chronic Care Collaborative The Chronic Care
Collaborative enables
CBH to provide
psychiatric, care
coordination and case
management services
to un- and underinsured individuals who
receive services at
Lackey Clinic and Olde
Towne Medical and
Dental Center.
$170,000.00 Advanced Primary
Gloucester Mathews
Care Clinic
Chronic Care
The CCC enables our
Clinic to provide
compassionate care and
medications for our
patients facing chronic
health conditions,
engaging them as
partners with us to
manage their conditions
and improve their
quality of life.
$300,000.00 Advanced Primary
Lackey Clinic Chronic Care
This program will track
quality metrics for our
control of hypertension
and diabetes in our
patients. It will track the
screening for
depression in our
patients. It will also
track the outcomes of
our Lackey Medication
Assistance Program.
$490,000.00 Advanced Primary
Olde Towne Medical &
Dental Center
Chronic Care
The CCC allows our
organization to share
insights, best practices,
breakthroughs and
challenges in managing
chronic diseases in our
uninsured and
underinsured patients.
The program also
provides funding for our
MAP program.
$355,000.00 Advanced Primary
Center for Child and
Family Services, Inc.
Counseling and
Outreach Program
Counseling and
Outreach Program
(MCOP) will address the
emotional and physical
well-being of the
uninsured or underinsured with emphasis
on the multicultural
population of Greater
Williamsburg by
providing counseling
and neurofeedback.
$70,000.00 Behavioral Health
Colonial Behavioral
Greater Williamsburg
Child Assessment
Center (GWCAC)
GWCAC provides
services to children and
their families including
assessments, crisis
services, brief
education, care
coordination and
linkages to community
resources. The Center
provides same day
access and accepts walkins.
$271,000.00 Behavioral Health
FREE Foundation For
Equipment &
F.R.E.E. of Williamsburg F.R.E.E. of Williamsburg
collects mobility-related
equipment and
bathroom aides, gifting
them to those in need
but without personal
resources to acquire
them. F.R.E.E. collects,
sanitizes, repairs, and
gifts these devices to
qualified adults.
$26,000.00 Healthy Aging
Honoring Choices
Educating Advocates for
Advance Care Planning
HCV will build on efforts
to reestablish
advance care planning
in Southeast Virginia
through community
training and resource
support, and
implementation of
information sharing and
referral systems.
$11,300.00 Healthy Aging
Peninsula Agency on
Greater Williamsburg
Aging and Disability
Resource Center (ADRC)
The PAA Greater
Williamsburg Aging and
Disability Resource
Center (ADRC) provides
unbiased information
and referrals and
free/low cost
comprehensive services
and supports to enable
area older adults to age
as healthfully as
$84,000.00 Healthy Aging
Williamsburg Area Faith
in Action
Medical Transportation WFIA volunteers
provide door-throughdoor transportation to
local doctor
pharmacies, and out of
town specialists for
seniors 60 and older
who reside in the
Greater Williamsburg
area, free of charge.
$19,000.00 Healthy Aging
Colonial Court
Appointed Special
Advocate Program
Healthy Eating Active
Living (HEAL) for
Colonial CASA
The youth mentoring
program at Colonial
CASA will support
healthy eating and
active living (HEAL) of
participants through
group programming
facilitated by content
experts and funded
memberships to the
James City County
Recreation Center.
$21,000.00 Healthy Eating
Active Living
Grove Christian
Outreach Center
Fresh Food Distribution The Outreach Center
seeks to provide
reasonable access to
fresh produce to Grove
households through the
free food pantry. This is
achievable by
continuing to purchase
seasonally available
produce from local
farms and gardens.
$10,000.00 Healthy Eating
Active Living
Williamsburg-James City
County Public School
School Health Initiative
Program (SHIP)
The School Health
Initiative Program
(SHIP) promotes healthy
eating, physical activity
and wellness through
wellness integration in
the classrooms,
nutrition education,
after-school challenge
clubs, parent outreach,
and a partnership with
Child Nutrition Services
$670,000.00 Healthy Eating
Active Living
Rx Partnership Basic Operating Support In addition to
partnering with
Williamsburg Health
Foundation in the WHF
Chronic Care
Collaborative, RxP has
partnered with WHF to
coordinate the delivery
of medication to LC,
$63,000.00 Medication Access
Virginia Health Care
Greater Williamsburg
Medication Assistance
Provide support and
technical assistance to
help WHF-funded MACs
utilize and maximize the
benefits and efficiencies
of TPC (free/discounted
prescriptions and
Medicaid coverage) on
behalf of WHF’s area
health safety net clinics.
$47,000.00 Medication Access
Hope Family Village Williamsburg
Fairweather Lodge
The Williamsburg
Fairweather Lodge
provides autonomous
living for up to four
unrelated adults with
serious mental illness
based on the
cornerstones of
housing, employment,
and social connections,
with the support of a
part-time Lodge
$14,000.00 Organizational
Capacity Building
Child Development
Basic Operating Support CDR’s Children’s
Services supports our
community’s most
vulnerable children
through home visiting
programs (Early Head
Start, Parents as
Teachers and Infant
Parent Program), child
care centers,
motherhood services
and our Central Point of
$225,000.00 Two Generation
Family Services
City of Williamsburg Child Health Initiative The Care Team is a
program providing an
intensive level of
integrated, familycentered services
intended to improve
the health and wellbeing of children and
their families living in
the City of Williamsburg
$275,000.00 Two Generation
Family Services
James City County Child Health Initiative When children or adults
in the family experience
challenges in multiple
areas of their life it can
be difficult to stay
healthy. The Child
Health Initiative brings
professional and natural
support teams together
to partner with families
who are experiencing
these challenges. The
goal is for caregivers
and children to begin
actively choosing habits
that lead to healthy
living, economic
stability and building
their own future stories.
$275,000.00 Two Generation
Family Services
Colonial Behavioral
Greater Williamsburg
Network of Care (NOC)
The NOC is an online
resource where
individuals, families and
providers in the Greater
Williamsburg area can
find comprehensive
information about
regional health and
human services,
insurance needs,
legislative, support and
advocacy resources.
$22,500.00 Other
Colonial Behavioral
Intensive Outpatient
Program (IOP)
The Williamsburg IOP
serves adults with
severe substance use
disorders to assist
substance use recovery.
The IOP is a more
intensive level of
service than traditional
outpatient service but is
less intensive than
inpatient treatment.
$37,500.00 Other
Literacy for Life at the
Rita Welsh Adult
Learning Center
HEAL Program The HEAL Program
helps community
members with low
health literacy increase
their knowledge and
confidence when
approaching health care
issues and medical
professionals. They gain
the skills to take control
of their health.
$30,000.00 Other

According to the news release, in recent years, WHF has looked at how to effectively fund the provision of prescription medications within the community. WHF believes the most effective manner for making sure safety-net patients receive prescription medication is to embed those services entirely within the individual clinics, as the grants to clinics demonstrate.

“The approach of giving the clinics management of their own patient assistance programs is proving to be the most cost-effective and direct for our community,” said Sale.

For more information on WHF, please visit the foundation’s official website.

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