Monday, September 25, 2023

Swimming Advisory Lifted for Huntington Park Beach in Newport News

Huntington Park Beach (Virginia Tourism Corporation)

NEWPORT NEWS — The swimming advisory for Huntington Park Beach has been lifted by The Hampton-Peninsula Health Districts just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Results from a sampling completed on Thursday, May 26 indicate bacteria levels in the water at Huntington Park Beach meet the state water quality standards for recreational waters.

The swimming advisory had gone into effect after samples collected on May 24 showed bacteria levels exceeded state standards. Environmental health officials sample Hilton, Huntington, Yorktown, King-Lincoln Park and Anderson public beaches on a weekly basis during the May to September swimming season.

The Hampton-Peninsula Health Districts remind residents to observe the following guidelines as they enjoy the summer swimming season:

  • Do not swim in water that looks stagnant, muddy, or smells unpleasant.
  • Avoid swallowing river, stream, lake or other recreational water.
  • Prevent direct contact between broken skin and recreational water.
  • Avoid swimming in natural water bodies (rivers, streams, lakes, etc.) for several days after a heavy rainfall.

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