Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Culture Fix Plans for Fiscal Year 2023

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WILLIAMSBURG — Culture Fix, a local non-profit that helps organize and promote the arts and culture industry in the area, presented a list of events that it is planning to bring to the surrounding community for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2023.

The Founder and President of Culture Fix, Steve Rose, presented this information at a City of Williamsburg City Council work session held on May 9 at the Stryker Center.

Fiscal 2023 Events/Projects

  • Summer Breeze Concert Series
  • July 4 Celebration
  • Scrumptious Week
  • Chocolate Affair
  • Chocolate Chariot Race
  • Christmas Market
  • New Year’s Eve Community Celebration
  • Winter Blues Jazz Fest
  • City Mural Project

The Fiscal 2023 preview was part of a presentation on CultureFix’s Fiscal 2022 activity.

In the presentation, Rose also described how the Bus Wrap community art project, which is done in partnership with Williamsburg Area Transit Authority (WATA), has received positive feedback online.

“In our budget for this year, we do have a community project line item in there. We didn’t specify bus wrapping just in case there was something else cool and different that we could try, but WATA is definitely up for it,” said Rose when asked by Council Member Caleb Rogers if the project will be done on a year-by-year basis. “They were really excited about it. So I think, when we talked to them originally, we said maybe it’s six months on and six months off; which would mean once a year. So it very well could happen again this year.”

Events for this past fiscal year have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, mainly due to the rise of the Omicron variant earlier this year during the winter season. This may have affected ticket sales as well as the number of people that showed up to free events in the area.

According to Rose, two of those events affected by COVID-19 was the New Year’s Eve Celebration, and the Winter Blues Jazz Festival. According to Culture Fix’s presentation, the total attendance for the New Year’s Eve event is estimated to be approximately 650 people.

Other events such as The Christmas Market recorded over 45,000 guests during the month of December.

“Thank you for all the events. It’s no question that without the efforts of Culture Fix, and our partnership, a lot of what we see in downtown, in terms of vibrancy, wouldn’t be there. That is something that this council wants to see continue in some form or fashion,” said Mayor Pons after Rose’s presentation to the city council.

For more information on Culture Fix and to find upcoming dates for its events, please visit the organization’s official website.

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