Wednesday, March 29, 2023

James City County Approves Change to Juvenile Services Commission

The James City County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance authorizing the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement to establish the Colonial Juvenile Services Commission. (WYDaily/Molly Feser)

JAMES CITY COUNTY — The James City County (JCC) Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve an ordinance to establish the Colonial Juvenile Services Commission.

The change in the ordinance is the Commission’s name, which was previously the Colonial Group Home Commission.

Rebecca Vinroot, JCC’s director of social services, told the Board during its Tuesday, May 10 meeting that the change in the Commission’s name is due to the closure of the Crossroads Group Home, as well as its “shift to more community-based services for at-risk youth and youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system.” 

The Commission was established in 1985 through a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement among JCC, York County, Gloucester and the City of Williamsburg.

The Commission managed the Crossroads Group Home for youth until the participating localities and the Commission agreed to close it in 2020.

“With the closing of Crossroads, the Commission desires to continue to operate and to provide services to enhance public safety through a balanced approach of comprehensive, community-based programs and services focused on preventing and reducing delinquency in at-risk and under-served youth within the Participating Localities,” according to a May 10 memorandum from Vinroot.

The Board unanimously voted to approve the ordinance.

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