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Amma’s Curry In A Hurry Provides New Food Truck Option to the Area

(Courtesy of CK Pritchard)

WILLIAMSBURG — Amma’s Curry in a Hurry is a new food truck option that offers Indian food to the Historic Triangle and across Hampton Roads.

Amma's Curry in a Hurry
(Courtesy of CK Pritchard)

The brand-new food truck is in the midst of its first year of traveling and serving authentic Indian cultural food straight from the service window.

The idea came from the family-owned Williamsburg restaurant Spice Palace.

Spice Palace has been serving Indian food to customers since 2017. The owners’ goal with the new food truck is to bring Indian cuisine to those who haven’t experienced its flavors.

“A lot of people are not-so-exposed to authentic Indian food,” said Amma’s Curry in a Hurry co-owner CK Pritchard in an interview with WYDaily. “So my husband and I, we thought, ‘Okay, this is the best way to reach out to the places where people actually go and they would give it a shot and they would try it.’ So the best way was to do a food truck where we could go to events and people could explore.”

Amma’s Curry in a Hurry provides opportunities for patrons to explore Indian cultural food by offering various food platter options.

Amma's Curry in a Hurry
(Courtesy of CK Pritchard)

“So, if you come in and order a combo, you’ll get your choice of main curry, your choice of protein, it comes with rice, naan [bread], salad, vegetable curry, and a dessert,” said Pritchard. “So you get a little bit of everything to try.”

The food truck has already been participating in local and regional events and plans to schedule more as its first year progresses. The local business plans on traveling anywhere from Richmond to Norfolk, depending on the venue, location, or event.

“We are willing to travel and book events. Including private events like weddings, or private parties,” explained Pritchard. “We also have a few events at some of the breweries and some of the bigger communities where they do food truck events.”

Here in the historic triangle, the food truck plans on making appearances at 2nd Sundays, Alewerks, and The Virginia Beer Company, amongst many others.

“So we’re everywhere, and we’re putting the calendar together so people can look at where we’re going to be for the week or the month,” Pritchard said.

The food truck will also travel to Virginia Beach for Asian Festival, and to Hampton for the Black Beard Pirate Festival.

Popular food items include Butter Masala, Korma, and a Mango Curry option that caters to vegan customers.

For more updates and information on the new food truck please head over to its official website or its Facebook page.

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