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City of Williamsburg Opens Public Housing Waiting List Application Period

The Williamsburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority will be accepting applications for the City’s affordable housing waiting list on Tuesday, March 8, 2022 (Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels)
UPDATE (March 7, 2022 3:39 p.m.): Since the original publication of this story, new information has been provided by the City of Williamsburg. These additions have been notated throughout the piece. -Ed.
* = Information added to this piece as of this update.

WILLIAMSBURG — The Williamsburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority (WRHA) has announced that starting tomorrow (March 8), residents will be able to apply for placement on the City’s Public Housing Waiting List.

According to an announcement made by WRHA on Monday, March 7, in order to qualify for consideration, residents must be at least 18 years old or an emancipated minor. Additionally, all information provided on the application is subject to verification.

Additionally, WRHA would like to make potential applicants aware of the following:

  • All applications must be completed and submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on March 8 in order to be considered
  • No fees will be charged for applying for the waiting list
  • This list is not for emergency housing nor does WRHA provide emergency housing.
  • The general wait time for public housing in the City of Williamsburg is two to five years
  • Applications will be placed on the waiting list by preference, then by date and time of submission
  • Applying for this waiting list does not guarantee that the application will be accepted.

Those wishing to apply must do so online between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on March 8. Residents should be aware that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Authority is no longer accepting paper applications nor applications at its locations.

Reasonable accommodations may be granted (on a case-by-case basis) to residents who are unable to complete the application electronically or have a disability that prevents them from applying online. Those seeking reasonable accommodations should reach out to JaLauna Burton at (757) 220-3477 or via email at If a resident should choose to request said accommodation via email, they are asked to put “Reasonable Accommodation” in the subject field of the email message. All requests for reasonable accommodations must be made by 4:30 p.m. today (Monday, March 7, 2022).

*Currently, there are 260 occupants of public housing in the City of Williamsburg, with 181 applicants on its waiting list. According to Nicole Trifone, public information officer for the City, “We don’t have a particular number of slots on the wait list, so we don’t necessarily have open slots.”

For those wishing to apply, please visit the website for the WRHA’s Waiting List.

WRHA’s mission statement reads that it is “…a provider for safe, decent, and affordable shelter [in the City of Williamsburg] as well as economic opportunity for those of greatest need and which will effectuate a positive impact on the community.”

For more information about WRHA, please visit its website.

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