Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Local Mother’s Bill for Mandated Parent, Student Driver Education Class Goes to Va. Senate

Tammy Gweedo McGee has worked to get a law passed that would see a state mandated parent/student driver education course; it now heads to the Virginia Senate. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Tammy Gweedo McGee)

YORK COUNTY — The Virginia State Senate’s Education and Health Committee unanimously approved a bill that would require all Virginia parents to be involved in their child’s student driver education class.

Tammy Gweedo McGee’s 16-year-old son Conner Guido was one of three Tabb High School teenagers who died in a car accident in October 2019.

Since her son’s death, McGee has been active in educating young drivers and their parents about the dangers of distracted driving.

Currently, Virginia Code 22.1-205 includes a 90 minute parent/student driver education component as part of the driver education program.

When McGee learned that the law only applies to one district that is located in Northern Virginia, she knew that she needed to take action to push for the safety of all Virginians.

On Jan. 5, Senate Bill 78 was introduced, which would require the Virginia Board of Education to include the requirement for an additional minimum 90-minute parent/student driver education component in its driver education programs for all public school divisions.

Virginia Senator Tommy Norment is carrying SB78, which amends Virginia Code 22.1-205 to make the parent/student component mandatory statewide.

On Thursday, Jan. 20, the Bill was passed unanimously out of the Senate Health and Education Committee.

“I am very happy that the entire Senate Education and Health Committee saw the need for Senate Bill 78,” McGee said. “Ensuring parents are educated on the rules for their teenagers’ driving is a step towards safer roads for all Virginians.”

McGee said that she is grateful to Senator Norment for championing SB78.

The Bill now heads to the Va. Senate floor on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

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