Wednesday, November 29, 2023

City of Williamsburg Planning Commission to Hold Hearing

The City of Williamsburg Planning Commission (WYDaily File Image)

WILLIAMSBURG — The City of Williamsburg Planning Commission will be hosting its last meeting of 2021 at the Stryker Center on Dec. 15 at 3:30 p.m.

The commission has arranged a reception in the Center’s lobby before the meeting to honor retiring Planning Commission Chair Elaine McBeth and Commissioner Dr. Jeffrey Klee. Both members began their terms back in January of 2018.

On The Agenda: Capital Improvement Fund

A big topic on this month’s meeting agenda will be the public hearing on the Capital Improvement Projects for the Fiscal Year of 2022 (FY 2022 Adopted Budget), and beyond.

According to an 88-page document posted online with the public agenda, the City has projected capital improvement projects for the next five years with the first year being funded and the remaining four years are shown for planning purposes.

These planned Capital Improvement Projects are administered through two funds:

  • The Capital Improvement Fund which is funded by sales tax, grants, and bonds.
  • The Utility fund for water and sewer projects.

Some of the projects on the FY 2022 adopted budget include:

  • WJCC School’s Five Year Capital Improvement Program which accounts for things like maintenance and improvements, Jamestown High School cafeteria expansion, Warhill Auxiliary Gym, Lafayette High School Capacity Renovation, and an elementary school design/construction.
  • Repaving programs (Richmond Road)
  • Historic Street Paving
  • Ironbound Road Improvements
  • Capitol Landing & Bypass roads Intersection
  • Bridge Inspection & Maintenance (Page Street, Capitol Landing Road, Merrimac Trail, Bypass Road, Quarterpath Road, and South Henry Street).
  • College Woods Multi-Use Circuit: the planning commission has encouraged the construction of a multi-use path connecting John Tyler Lane and the Strawberry Plains residential area.
  • Lafayette Street Reconstruction
  • Newport Avenue Sidewalk
  • Kiwanis Park Improvements: In FY 2022 the basketball court will be replaced and an additional court with amenities and accessible pathway will be added.
  • Fire Station Demolition & Reconstruction: The Fire Station was constructed back in 1978. In August of 2020, City Council provided a direction to pursue a single station solution and to demolish and reconstruct the current fire station located at 440 N. Boundary Street.
  • Police Station Renovation: Like the Fire Station, the Williamsburg Police Department Building was constructed back in 1977 an the building needs renovations. The renovations include fixing the rooft, repairing structural decay, and other safety improvements. Recommendations for improvement were improved and the project will involve ongoing discussions with city leadership.
  • E-911 Regional Center Expansion
  • Aid to locality funding – firefighting equipment
  • Law Enforcement Equipment – Body Cameras and Tasers
  • Broadband Assessment & Development
  • Williamsburg Library Renovation

Also on the agenda is a public hearing for a two-part request made by Castle Development Partners. PCR#21-017 and PCR#21-018.

PCR#21-017 is a request for Castle Development Partners for a special use permit to increase the density allowed in the Limited Business Downtown District LB-1 with proffers from 14 units per net acre to 18 units per net acre for property located at 506 North Henry Street.

The second part, PCR#21-018 is a request for Castle Development Partners to receive a special use permit to encroach on slopes in excess of 30 percent up to 1.5 acres for the future development of 162 apartments located at 506 North Henry Street.

For a complete list of the Projects listed in The FY 2022 Capital Improvement Plan Budget, and more in-depth details of the various projects, including costs, make sure to check out the Official Williamsburg Civic Website.

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