Sunday, January 23, 2022

Virginia Beach police warn online sellers of counterfeit money scammers

VIRGINIA BEACH — Police are warning people selling items online to be aware of scammers who are allegedly passing off counterfeit money in Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Beach Police Department’s economic crime unit has noticed a recent trend in people reporting that they are being scammed by people who are using counterfeit money to buy items online through websites like Facebook, OfferUp and Letgo.

Those websites act as online classifieds that allow people to buy and sell items like cars, gaming systems and jewelry.

The people who are allegedly being scammed are selling “high dollar” goods like cellphones and computers, according to the VBPD.

They’ve typically gotten scammed when they meet up with the buyers. Often, the buyers will remain in their cars and do a “fast exchange” with the seller — taking the item and handing off the counterfeit money quickly before driving off so the seller doesn’t realize they’ve been duped.

In an effort to help people not get frauded, the VBPD offers their precincts as safe places to conduct online transactions. If people choose not to come to the police precincts to buy and sell goods, the VBPD has offered some tips to make it a safer experience:

  1. Don’t let potential buyers come to your home.
  2. Sell your goods in a public place.
  3. Look at the money to make sure its real before giving them the item.

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