Monday, January 17, 2022

YPSO deputy rescues fawn from traffic

The fawn rescued by Sgt. Adam Cooper sits in his police cruiser. (Photo courtesy of YPSO)
The fawn rescued by Sgt. Adam Cooper sits in his police cruiser. (Photo courtesy of YPSO)

Sunday night proved to be anything but normal for one York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office deputy.

While working school security at York High School, Sgt. Adam Cooper heard anguished cries coming from Route 17 right beside the school.

Cooper investigated the sounds and discovered a week-old fawn preparing to walk into oncoming traffic.

Thinking on his feet, Cooper shooed the fawn away from traffic, sending it into the woods. Cooper followed the fawn and discovered it curled in a ball just beyond the trees.

Cooper picked up the fawn and carried it to his cruiser, where he placed it in the passenger’s side and turned on the heat to keep it warm.

Animal Control was called and transported the fawn to an emergency vet clinic, where it was examined and sent to an animal rehabilitation center.

“I’ve been doing this [for] 26 years, but I’ve never seen a deputy pick up a fawn and care for it in his car,” said YPSO Lt. Dennis Ivey.

Given the rarity of the situation, YPSO posted the story to its Facebook page. Since then, the post has garnered more than 1,100 likes and numerous positive comments praising Cooper for his action.

For Ivey, situations like this help paint a positive image of YPSO and its on-duty deputies.

“Nationwide, people have these preconceived notions that [police officers] want to arrest people,” said Ivey. “[Sgt. Cooper] is an animal lover with a tender heart. … It makes people feel good about living in our community. People who care about animals tend to care about people.”

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