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The Hound’s Tale Officially Welcomed to City with Ribbon Cutting

The Hound's Tale celebrated its ribbon cutting Dec. 9, 2015. (Courtesy of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance)
The Hound’s Tale celebrated its ribbon cutting Dec. 9, 2015. (Courtesy of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance)

Prince George Street’s newest restaurant celebrated its recent opening with a ribbon cutting last week.

The Hound’s Tale, which opened at 515 Prince George St. on Dec. 4, had its ribbon cutting Wednesday with Mayor Clyde Haulman, Vice Mayor Paul Freiling and City Councilmen Doug Pons and Scott Foster in attendance.

Geri and Don Pratt, who own the downtown café Aromas a little farther down Prince George Street in Merchants Square, decided to open the new restaurant as they explored options for an additional kitchen to serve its Aromas location on the College of William & Mary campus.

“Instead of renting temporary space that is underutilized, we decided to create a different type of offering for folks interested in going out for a small ‘bite,’ beverage or full dinner,” Geri Pratt wrote in an email to WYDaily.

In addition to creating affordable “fresh bites” for a casual environment, The Hound’s Tale’s kitchen will be used to prepare food for the Swem Library café.

“The location is great for the shared operations with Aromas, and we are really happy with the city’s growing downtown area,” Pratt wrote. “With Aromas in Merchants Square, we hope to support the entire area, increase our great reputation as a ‘culinary/foodie’ destination, and bring more people Downtown to shop and have fun!”

With she and her husband leading the way, the restaurant has taken a family approach to its operations: Monique and Steven Sowell – Culinary Institute of America graduates – will serve as the catering director and executive chef/general manager, respectively, while Nick and Nicole Rackley have signed on as the lead bartender and manager.

That family approach extends beyond marriages, with The Hound’s Tale hiring several former Aromas employees – including Steven Sowell, who worked for Aromas when he was 19 – to work alongside staff who are new to the family business.

The Hound’s Tale intends to keep the food high quality and the menu prices affordable to encourage frequent visits, Pratt said.

“We are hoping that locals will feel like it is ‘their’ place, and that visitors will feel ‘at home,'” she wrote.

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