This YPSO deputy sang ‘Baby Shark’ to his daughter and the video went viral

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Christopher Williams with his daughter, Iris (WYDaily/ Courtesy of the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office)
Christopher Williams with his daughter, Iris (WYDaily/ Courtesy of the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office)

When Christopher Williams, 31, was singing his daughter’s favorite song, Baby Shark, he had no idea the video his wife, Chrisi, 35, took would go viral.

As of May 20, the video had more than 23,000 views.

“It’s cool that people can get a glimpse of who we are,” Williams said. “I’m pretty goofy when I’m around my daughter.”

Williams is a Navy veteran and has been with the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office since March 2016. He lives with Chrisi, a Navy nurse at Mary Immaculate Hospital, Iris, 3 and their son, Leif, 1, in York County.

While this isn’t the first time Williams has use the patrol car’s PA system to talk to Iris or sing her two favorite songs, it is the first time it was recorded on video. His wife caught the last four seconds of it.

Williams said he shared the video with his coworkers and the YPSO’s public relations got a hold of it.

“Within a day, NBC wanted to put the clip on their show,” Williams said, adding Chrisi took a picture of himself and Iris next to his patrol car and sent it to the news station. “People like to see when law enforcement agency interact with the community in a positive way.”

Another song Williams sings to his daughter? The Police Sharks video.

“She calls me police shark,” Williams said, adding every time he comes home from work she asks him, “Daddy, did you see any pirate sharks?”

Williams did not want to be known as the baby shark guy but has come to terms with it.

“This is as much fame as I would like to deal with but if the kids want it I won’t say no,” he said.

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