Playground Renovations Begin Today at Kiln Creek Park

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A rendering of the new playground shows off some of the new features. (Photo courtesy of York County)
A rendering of the new playground shows off some of the new features. (Photo courtesy of York County)

Children who frequent Kiln Creek Park’s playground in York County will have to wait six to eight weeks to resume using its equipment.

Today marks the beginning of a renovation project to the park’s playground, which was built nearly 15 years ago.

The new playground will feature a nautical theme — an homage to York County’s heritage — and will provide more opportunities to handicapped and special-needs children.

“The county is focusing on ADA accessibility and the inclusion of accessible things,” said Darren Williams, operations coordinator for York County’s Department of General Services. “It’ll include ground-based play experiences, something where a child in a wheelchair won’t have to transition to the playground structure to be involved in the experience.”

Measuring in a 2,773 square feet, the renovated playground will feature 20 play events and can hold 56 children between the ages of 5 and 12 at one time.

Among some of the play events will be slides, track rides, an electric animal panel, cylinder climbers, rail panels, weather game panels, a tilted rock challenge wall, a ship-themed steering wheel, a crazy straw climber and a colossus slide, among other things.

The play events will be spread throughout the structure, which is designed to look like a ship and excite the minds of the playing children.

Made of 20 percent of recycled materials and steel, the structure is sturdy enough to support reasonably-sized adults who wish to participate with or supervise their children.

Williams said the total cost of the renovations comes out to roughly $90,000 and should be completed before the end of October. He also said the county is excited to present an accessible and unique playground experience.

“A lot of playgrounds these days have been sterilized for safety reasons. We thought we could stay within the parameters and still represent York County,” he said. “We really care about the development of children and want to make sure everybody has the same opportunities.”

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