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Community Business: Taken by Taylor Photography

(Taylor Kennedy/Taken by Taylor)

WILLIAMSBURG — Taylor Kennedy got her first camera as a child — then her hobby turned into a career as a professional photographer.

“When my Pop bought me my first camera, he put my biggest passion and my entire career in my hands at just 10 years old. I had no idea I’d be doing this as a career, it was ‘just a hobby’ at the time,” Kennedy said.

Taken by Taylor has been an “official” community business for close to four years.

Kennedy had provided photo sessions for close friends over the years, and while she was on maternity leave from her former job, she thought using her camera skills to make “a few extra bucks” sounded like a good idea.

“I decided to really start pushing for photo sessions and had way more support from the community than I anticipated, so I decided to quit my 9-to-5 and jumped in full-time.”

Taylor Kennedy (Taken by Taylor)

Kennedy says that capturing people in ways that reflect them authentically and naturally is the key to her success.

“Anyone can dress up in pretty clothes and take a picture, but not every family can be yours. I love how each and every session is unique, I love seeing how full hearts can be even if there’s a little chaos mixed in. It’s the genuine moments, the raw emotions, the true and real ‘now.'”

“I want you to not only look your best but also feel like yourself,” she added

And photography is a lot more than just being able to use a camera, explains Kennedy. Her skills as a stylist, lighting tech, location advisor and editor are all an important part of her process.

A native of Williamsburg, Kennedy says the area makes the perfect natural backdrop for any group or event. She even prides herself on knowing some ‘super secret’ local spots to take the perfect shots.
“I love meeting new people in this area and I love how strong and close the community is. I love how clean it is here and the pride the community takes in their own town. It’s the perfect place.”
Kennedy understands costs can be prohibitive when choosing a photographer.

“I want to accommodate for what is going on (with the economy). I am very community-oriented and I think it is important to work within a client’s need. I customize everything.”

To that end, Taken by Taylor recently lowered prices and readjusted its packages to reflect current client demand, but Kennedy said that won’t change her approach when it comes to quality or work ethic.

(Taylor Kennedy/Taken by Taylor)

“I believe my customer service stands out a lot from other businesses. I go above and beyond to make sure my clients go into their photo session knowing what to expect, what to wear and how to overall prepare for session,” explained Kennedy. “I genuinely care about each and every person that contacts me, even if they don’t end up booking with me. A lot of my clients like how relaxed and natural my family sessions turn out.”

Family sessions, maternity sessions, newborn sessions and weddings make up most of the Taken by Taylor clientele.

“I want nothing more than to capture memories to be passed down for generations.” Kennedy continued, “Nothing makes me feel the way I feel when I capture someone’s ‘first,’ or maybe someone’s ‘last.'”

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