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Celebrate Jamestown Day Slated for May 11

(photo: Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation)

JAMESTOWN — Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation will mark the 417th anniversary of the arrival of 104 men and boys onto its shore with a full day of commemorative events and programs for Jamestown Day on Saturday.

On May 14th, 1607, three ships anchored in the deep waters of the James River, their passengers disembarked, and they decided to establish their settlement on a swampy, unoccupied peninsula, according to the foundation. Their task was to find gold and a water route to the Pacific Ocean. They were not successful at this, but they set in motion the events that would help build the foundation of America.

“Celebrations of the founding of James Fort used to be clouded by the myth that the original site of the fort was lost to the James River. Even the statue of John Smith looks out, some would say “wistfully,” to the river at his supposedly lost fort,” stated Director of Living History and Historic Trades at Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation, Willie Balderson.

James Fort (Photo: Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation)

“But that all changed 30 years ago, when Bill Kelso and a team of archaeologists began excavating near the 17th-century Church Tower and almost immediately found the postholes of the East palisade wall.” Balderson continued, “Today, we get to stand in the place where we know history happened. We get to see the actual, tangible artifacts that were once treasured by people who were here centuries ago. This only makes the anniversary of the day the Virginia Company arrived on this swampy peninsula even more meaningful. I hope folks will join us on Saturday to learn about how events at Jamestown laid the foundations for our nation.”

The Jamestown Day schedule of events and programs will run from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. this Saturday and can be found on the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation webpage.

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