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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

West Point Announces Plebe Leadership Positions, Including Williamsburg Native

Plebe Parent Weekend Brigade Staff, Class of 2027. Left to right: Cadets Massimo Luciano, Mira Shelat, Aditya Kansal, Kathryn Miller, Matthew Dupuis, Emma Esquivel, and Joey Shi. Not pictured: Cadets Chloe Rambo and Andrew Smith. United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, Mar. 21. (Photo taken by Jorge Garcia, USMA PAO)

WEST POINT, N.Y. – The U.S. Military Academy announced the names of the cadets from the Class of 2027 selected to lead the Corps during its annual Plebe Parent Weekend, including Williamsburg’s Kathryn Miller.

“This year’s cadet leaders have distinguished themselves amongst their peers, consistently demonstrating academic, military, and physical excellence throughout their time here, more importantly, they have demonstrated the exceptional moral character that leadership demands,” said Commandant of Cadets Maj. Gen. Lori Robinson.

According to the U.S. Military Academy (USMA), these roles are the top positions within the Corps charged with carrying out the responsibilities of leadership of the cadets. The cadets will assume their duties on March 22, before the start of the weekend events.

USMA said this is a key step in the leadership development of the fourth class as it provides their first opportunity to serve in leadership roles. Additionally, it is a unique time, without upper-class presence, that affords the Plebes a significant bonding experience, and it is the U.S. Military Academy’s and the Class of 2027’s opportunity to showcase to parents, family, and friends the transformation of the cadets.

Plebe Brigade Staff Leadership Positions:  

  • Brigade First Captain: Massimo Luciano, Lester Prairie, Minn.
  • Brigade Command Sergeant Major: Kathryn Miller, Williamsburg, Va.
  • Brigade Executive Officer: Oliva “Emma” Esquivel, Katy, Texas
  • Brigade Adjutant: Mira Shelat, West Friendship, Md.
  • Brigade Intelligence and Public Affairs Officer: Aditya Kansal, Ashland, Mass.
  • Brigade Operations Officer: Joey Shi, Livingston, N.J.
  • Brigade Operations Sergeant Major: Chloe Rambo, Central Point, Ore.
  • Brigade Logistics: Matthew Dupuis, Friendswood, Texas
  • Brigade Information Systems Officer: Andrew Smith, Fanwood, N.J.

Full list of Plebe Leadership Positions: 

First Regiment: 

  • First Battalion Commander: Andrew Gatzkr, Blythewood, South Carolina
  • First Battalion Executive Officer: Cheyunne, Ahn, Seoul, Korea
  • First Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Emma Liesen, Hudson, Ohio
  • Second Battalion Commander: John Kish, Huntersville, North Carolina
  • Second Battalion Executive Officer: Peyton Granger, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Second Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Maria Reyes, Mooresville, North Carolina
  • Third Battalion Commander: Tyler Anderson, New Hope, Pennsylvania
  • Third Battalion Executive Officer: Eli Warner, Vancouver, Washington
  • Third Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Erika Nyberg, Clovis, California

Second Regiment: 

  • First Battalion Commander: Joshua Tyron, Viginia Beach, Virginia
  • First Battalion Executive Officer: Amelia Cropper, Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • First Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Nathan Adams, Franklin, Louisiana
  • Second Battalion Commander: Kim Sahn, Parker, Colorado
  • Second Battalion Executive Officer: Kaitlin McFadden, Burton, Ohio
  • Second Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Katherine Krull, Reston, Virginia
  • Third Battalion Commander: Jonathan Benchoff, Hawaii
  • Third Battalion Executive Officer: Carolyn Heckle, Corning, New York
  • Third Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Grayson Peyovich, Bellevue, Washington

Third Regiment: 

  • First Battalion Commander: Bella Foster, Simi Valley, California
  • First Battalion Executive Officer: Noah Haack, Navarre, Florida
  • First Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Rebecca Presnell, Tallahassee, Florida
  • Second Battalion Commander: Austin Mahnke, Post Falls, Idaho
  • Second Battalion Executive Officer: Chase Adams, West Carrollton, Ohio
  • Second Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Karsten Lemire, Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Third Battalion Commander: Jheyuan Wang, Dublin California
  • Third Battalion Executive Officer: Christopher Sanchez, Brooklyn, New York
  • Third Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Miller Webb, Charlotte, North Carolina

Fourth Regiment: 

  • First Battalion Commander: Mary Schleck, Metuchen, New Jersey
  • First Battalion Executive Officer: Juhun Kim, Seoul, South Korea
  • First Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Medha Indukuri, Ashburn, Virginia
  • Second Battalion Commander: Devon, Pullis, Farmington, Connecticut
  • Second Battalion Executive Officer: Joshua Sparkes, Paterson, New Jersey
  • Second Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Rowan Doherty, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Third Battalion Commander: Noah Keith, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Third Battalion Executive Officer: Joshua Crowder, Gastonia, North Carolina
  • Third Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Wyatt McAlexander, Winnetka, Illinois

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