Saturday, July 20, 2024

Two Companies Win York County Business Awards

YORK COUNTY — Two local companies accepted awards for their community and economic impact last week at York County’s annual Distinguished Business Affair at the Freight Shed at Riverwalk Landing.

Ice sports complex Chilled Ponds at Yorktown accepted the 2024 Distinguished Business Award and the York County Chamber of Commerce recognized its Small Business of the Year — GeddingFit: Home of Proelium CrossFit for its support of and commitment to the local and worldwide community.

The Distinguished Business Award award is given each year by York County’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) and Department of Economic and Tourism Development (ETD) to honor growing businesses that make significant investments in the County.

“I’m extremely honored to even be considered for this award, let alone be chosen to win it,” said Patrick Cavanagh, owner of Chilled Ponds at Yorktown. “We were thrilled to learn we were selected.”

“Chilled Ponds at Yorktown serves a unique role here and has become a destination in its own right, not to mention the many ways it gives back to the community,” said Kristi Olsen-Hayes, Director of Economic and Tourism Development for York County. “With its recent renovations and increased programming, it has brought so many assets to the County. This is a perfect example of what can happen when businesses, government agencies and the community work together.”

Chilled Ponds at Yorktown

While residents might still know it as the Hampton Roads Iceplex, the facility recently reopened with a new look and a new name. Chilled Ponds at Yorktown offers all levels of ice sports, from kids to adults. When the facility came up for sale last February, Patrick Cavanagh said he “jumped at” the opportunity.

“It was a natural chance to buy it and the ideal way to share it with the community,” he said, “and as soon as we closed the sale, we were right into renovations that lasted until February 2024.”

Cavanagh knew what he was doing — he already had owned the Chesapeake location of Chilled Ponds since 2003, which he also immediately renovated. The newest location is now 95% complete, he reported, with just some final touches left in the lobby and grill area.

“For our customers, the improved quality of the rink and lobby has been great,” he said. “It evokes a strong emotional response, especially for people who have been coming here for years.” But for Cavanagh, Chilled Ponds isn’t simply a business — it’s a community service. York County’s leaders view it the same way.

“My experience with York County officials has been five stars,” he said. “They recognize the importance of the facility to the community, and they have embraced my ideas to expand and grow it. I can’t speak highly enough about everyone involved. Every one of my engagements with staff and officials have been enthusiastic and encouraging.”

GeddingFit: Home of Proelium CrossFit

This two-year-old business in upper York County is the ultimate destination for fitness enthusiasts, according to York County. GeddingFit: Home of Proelium CrossFit offers coaching, diverse and challenging workouts tailored to the individual’s fitness level, community support, and results-driven training.

The business name itself is a play on the founders’ surname. Stephanie and Larry Geddings are both the owners and head coaches at GeddingFit. They assert it’s not just a business to them, but rather a mission — to positively influence the community through physical fitness, positive well-being and serving as a good neighbor.

“We talk a lot about creating an environment that is welcoming and challenging,” said Larry. “We try to espouse that no one HAS to be there, but we all GET to be there. We’re aware that our member athletes choose to come and participate in our community, and we get to be a part of their lives.”

He said they’re always working to make the community a little bit better today than it was yesterday.

For Stephanie, opening her own gym had been a dream since 2007, when she first got interested in CrossFit. She has worked in the fitness community for over 30 years, but she cherishes getting to be her own boss and creating a true wellness community, she said.

Community, in a broader sense, is also important to the Geddings. The business gives back in a variety of ways, such as its recent fundraiser for the Heritage Human Society, and choosing a different cause each month to celebrate. Whether inside or outside the gym walls, GeddingFit wants it all to be about helping others, according to the county.

“We have a good business model going with quite a few member athletes, and we’d like to help as many people as we can in the fitness realm,” said Stephanie, “but helping others outside of that is even better.”

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