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Community Business: Ryan Eure Designs and the Downtown Gallery

Ryan Eure Designs is located in Merchant’s Square. (Ryan Eure Designs)

WILLIAMSBURG — Ryan Eure Designs started in the early 2000s, with Ryan Eure making jewelry during his college years.

A lifelong Williamsburg resident, Eure was interested in finding a spot to open his jewelry store. When a location in Merchant’s Square became available, Eure jumped at it.

“I had been doing art shows all over the East Coast and traveling and it was growing fast, but then COVID hit and everything was canceled. The Hitchens building had a ‘for rent’ sign during the heart of the pandemic and we just couldn’t pass up the most perfect location to display and sell jewelry,” Eure said.

While he has owned Ryan Eure Designs since 2017, the brick-and-mortar location on Prince George Street opened in Sept. 2021.

At Ryan Eure Designs, everything is made in the shop. The small, family-run business is known in the community for its wire wrap pieces, pendants, engagement rings, bangles, earrings, and bracelets.

“We do all in-house custom design, and have a 3D printer so customers can see their design before it is made. I also custom make things for any size, and in any metal. If you dream it we can create it! My wife is an amazing manager and she loves what she does too,” Eure said.

Inside the Ryan Eure Designs shop. (Ryan Eure Designs)

Eure also includes a one-on-one design service as part of his store. He approaches each piece he designs as a new opportunity to create something special and unique for his customers.

“My one-on-one custom design services are unmatched. My designs are inspired by mixing aspects of native cultures and ancient civilizations, while also hinting post-modern and art-deco qualities. I also strive to maintain classic and timeless jewelry designs. I believe it’s visually pleasing to mix the old with the new. I really enjoy custom designing and wedding/engagement rings. It is the most special part of my job,” Eure says.

Eure aims to be a true member of the business and arts communities.

“Our mission is to inspire creativity, beauty, and passion. We want to showcase a platform of color, light, and imagination right here in our own charming downtown area.  Not only do we aim to provide top notch jewelry, but we want to contribute to the art and culture of our community, and fan the flame of talent from people who call Williamsburg home,” Eure said.

Eure and his team have felt the appreciation and love from the community.

“Many locals and visitors have watched us grow from doing 2nd Sundays to operating and running a storefront. Now, every 2nd Sundays, we are set up right out front of the store! It’s amazing to see people gather every month. Our customers are our family. They supported us so much, especially while our son was a preemie and born very early at VCU hospital. He lived in the NICU with my wife for a month. People stopped in to check on us and offered help throughout everything. It’s an amazing community we are so lucky to be a part of,” Eure said.

The Downtown Gallery gives local artists a place to show their creations. (Ryan Eure Designs)

A unique location, Eure also opened the Downtown Gallery, right next to his jewelry storefront in November 2022.

“When the downstairs space opened up, we knew we wanted an art gallery for the community to enjoy, and also a place where local artists could display their art in downtown,” Eure shared.

Ryan Eure Designs and the Downtown Gallery are open Tuesday through Friday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Saturday, the locations are open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Both locations are closed on Mondays.

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