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Guiding Individuals to Their True North

Jenny Sellers. (Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

WILLIAMSBURG — Overcoming loss, questioning potential and wanting answers drove Jenny Sellers to learn more about spiritual healing, and led to the start of True North Empowerment, a holistic business.

“I fell into this line of work in 2014 with the unexpected passing of my fiancé, Cole. He died in a workplace accident. He went to work, just like every other normal Monday and he never came home,'” Seller explained, “When he died, my world just flipped.”

In her grief, Sellers said she began to experience Cole’s energy in a way she could not explain, “I started asking questions such as what is life? What is death? What is possible? My journey to True North began with asking those questions. I wanted answers to the things I was experiencing.”

Seeking answers led Sellers to look outside her comfort zone, beginning with a visit to a Medium who taught her that, “we are all connected to the energy that exists outside of our physical form.”

(Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

“I started as a complete skeptic,” said Sellers, “It was an identity shift because this was not something I believed in. I know there are other people out there who are either in that space now or have been in the past or are going through something challenging in their own life where they are looking for additional resources and trying new things to find balance.”

Taking classes, such as Reiki — a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing — Sellers began to learn more about her own gifts and explore other ways to learn about the universe and energy that surrounds us all.

During that time, Sellers began to feel more in tune with herself and the world around her, “I had a year of exploration to just let myself learn and ask the questions I may not have allowed myself to ask before. By the end of that time, I felt more grounded, more rooted and I had a theory on all those questions I had been asking.”

Now, Sellers uses her experience and knowledge to help others find answers to their own questions through her business, True North Empowerment, as a holistic wellness practitioner and astrologer who is in tune with her client’s energy body.

True North Empowerment offers programs for personal discovery, balancing business and spiritual work.

Knowing there will always be skeptics who doubt the usage of tools such as tarot cards, essential oils and energy readings, Sellers said, “So many wonderful things happen in our lives when we step outside of our comfort zone. If we are able to integrate even one new thing into our world, just to try it out and see how you feel, you won’t be worse for it.”

“Anything in the unknown is scary. You might be surprised at how beneficial it is and how supported you feel after allowing yourself to dip a toe outside of your comfort area. Just lean into ways to support yourself on your journey,” offered Sellers.

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