Monday, March 4, 2024

Brews and Bites: Precarious’ Alter Ego is Arriving

The Former Electric Circus Taco Bar receives a makeover ahead of Alter Ego opening. (Photo: Precarious Beer Project)

WILLIAMSBURG — A superhero chicken with an alter ego will be arriving at Precarious Beer Project this weekend to promote its latest dining concept.

Part of the Against the Grain Hospitality Group, Precarious Beer Project announced the closure of Electric Circus Taco Bar earlier this year. Fans of the popular establishment made their voices heard on social media, expressing disappointment with the decision.

Andrew Voss, co-founder of the restaurant group, acknowledged that the concept for the space was always meant to be a rotating space.

“When we opened in June of 2019, the entire concept of that space was to treat it as an incubator. Just, essentially, what we are going to start to do finally,” said Voss.

The former Electric Circus space will now be called Alter Ego and feature a streamlined rotating menu with family-friendly items.

Alter Ego Logo

“Alter Ego is a super fun, playful pop-up concept,” Voss stated, “People’s dining interests are changing. It’s fresh, it’s new and interesting. We will have the first static pop-up space in Williamsburg”

The first menu rollout, starting on Saturday, Feb. 10, will feature pho and banh mi. Vegan and vegetarian items will always be on the menu along with a signature chicken wing inspired by the current concept.

Tying into the staple chicken wing offering, Voss explains how the logo is “inspired by a chicken who wants to be a superhero.”

Customers who still crave Electric Circus can find a few menu favorites, including nachos and quesadillas, on the Ol’ Dominion Burger, also located inside Precarious Beer Hall.

“This move for us, is an opportunity to keep our team inspired and create,” said Voss. “This gives us the ability to play around a bit and have fun. We are super excited!”

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