Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Precarious Beer Project Announces Closing of Taco Bar

Electric Circus in Precarious Beer Hall. (Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

WILLIAMSBURG — This week, Precarious Beer Project announced the closing of the Electric Circus Taco Bar and Facebook had feelings.

“New year, big news! When we welcome you back into the beer hall this weekend, you’ll notice that the taco box looks…different…! We have said “adios” to Electric Circus Taco Bar — but next month we will reopen the box as a dynamic pop-up space! Every quarter, our talented culinary team will launch a unique concept and fresh menu,” stated the Facebook post.
Hundreds of mixed comments followed the post, many expressing a bittersweet farewell to the beloved taco bar, lots of positive anticipation and many begging to save their favorite menu items.
The beer hall began in 2017 as the brewery portion of the Amber Ox Public House before opening as a sister establishment in the current Merchant Square location a year later.
“The main plan for the beer hall, initially, was to have an incubation space for our food concept. So, the goal always was we will do Electric Circus [Taco Bar] first then we would put something else in and rotate menus,” said Nick Graziano, Director of Operations.
Then COVID-19 happened, and, the Precarious team decided as food sales became a bigger part of the business to keep the taco bar, which just grew in popularity, said Graziano.
With the beer hall expansion a year and a half ago, Precarious Beer Project was able to add a second food establishment, Ol’ Dominion Burger.
Ol’ Dominion Burger (Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)
“With Ol’ Dominion Burger open, we feel like we have a bit more freedom to do what we always wanted to with the Electric Circus space,” stated Graziano.
Precarious Beer Project is excited for the community to have the opportunity to sample some new cuisine in the old space.
Simon Elaban, who before becoming General Manager at Precarious Beer Project was the Executive Chef for Amer Ox Public House, will have creative freedom to be more active in the kitchen and come up with new menus every few months, said Graziano.
“What’s going in next? We’re not sure yet,” chucked Graziano, “and that’s the fun part!”
The first new pop-up is expected to launch Presidents Day weekend and is predicted to be a lighter, “healthier forward” menu with vegetarian options. The dark, square window front is also getting a cool, colorful facelift.
Ol’ Domion Burger will now be open seven days a week with Electric Circus Taco Bar fan favorites, wings and queso cheese dip, joining the menu.

As for a future return of the Electric Circus Taco Bar, “never say never,” said Graziano.

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