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Ten Questions with Donnie McDaniel, Community of Faith Mission

(Donnie McDaniel)

HISTORIC TRIANGLE — “Ten Questions with” is a series that allows readers to get to know local business leaders, volunteers and community members in the Historic Triangle.

This week, meet Donnie McDaniel.

What is your job title and description?

I am the Executive Director for Community of Faith Mission (COFM). With this title comes the responsibility of making sure there is a shelter each cold season so our neighbors in the Greater Williamsburg area who find themselves without a place to sleep will have that.

Who do you interact/work with on a regular basis?

On most days, I communicate with confirmed or potential shelter host sites and host partners. When I am not working with them, I am either working internally with the COFM Board or with staff. The position would not be complete without reaching out or meeting with community agencies and local government offices.

How do you/your organization interact with the local community?

When the opportunity arises, COFM will set up tables at various events to share information about the shelter. We also attend various meetings at organizations or churches to share information about the COFM Emergency Shelter Program.

What is something about your job most people wouldn’t know about?

Although the shelter season is from mid-November through mid-March, my job is nonstop year-round. There is so much that has to be done behind the scenes to make the shelter successful each season.

How do you define success?

When I have spent time in prayer, read the bible, walked and talked like Jesus and can reflect on that at the end of the day, then I know I have had success.

What is your most successful accomplishment to date?

Raising a kind, smart and beautiful daughter who has a heart for abandoned animals while at the same time working hard to finish graduate school.

How long have you lived/worked in the Historic Triangle?

I moved to the Historic Triangle in the mid-80s, moved away for a while, then came back in 2010, but have worked in the area since the mid-80s.

What is your favorite part of being in the Historic Triangle?

The nature trails.

What do you do for downtime/to relax?

I enjoy developing a deeper relationship with God the most. I also enjoy walking and renovating homes.

What is the next step in your journey?

I would like to be able to use the skills I have developed over the years to help improve the lives of others in various ways.

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