Friday, December 1, 2023

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Loch Ness Monster to Receive Full Restoration for 2024

Loch Ness Monster opened at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 1978 as the world’s first interlocking looping coaster. (Wikipedia)

WILLIAMSBURG — The world’s first interlocking loop coaster will celebrate 46 years as an attraction with a full restoration in 2024, including all new thematic and experiential elements, Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced.

In the year 564, the mythical Loch Ness Monster is believed to have been first spotted in the Highlands of Scotland. Centuries later, in 1978, the Loch Ness Monster came alive at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as a coaster. The attraction has garnered so much notoriety for originality that it has since become a registered landmark with the American Coaster Enthusiasts organization.

Originally designed by Arrow Dynamics, Coasterpedia says that at that time, it was one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters and had cost $5 million to build.

Busch Gardens said that in 2024, the Loch Ness Monster will resurface as a fully-restored experience loaded with all-new thrilling elements, dramatic storytelling, and innovative effects, as it takes riders on its journey through the Scottish terrain via “Nessie’s” newly refurbished signature steel track.

According to the amusement park, the adventure will begin with an enhanced queue experience featuring new storytelling elements, and continues during the lift hill climb, guided by an all-new soundtrack created just for Loch Ness Monster.

The announcement continued that while braving the first drop, riders will catch a glimpse of something monstrous lurking under the water. After plummeting more 100 feet, it will race towards the first of two interlocking vertical loops, traveling up to 60 miles per hour. Next, thrill-seekers will emerge into a spiraling tunnel, traversing a helix and coming face-to-face with the monster in the shadowy cave lair.

Guests are said to continually rate the Loch Ness Monster as a favorite at the amusement park. The interlocking, double-looping steel roller coaster tops out at a height of 130 feet and a speed of 60 miles an hour, a height requirement of 48 inches, and is the first and only remaining full-circuit roller coaster featuring interlocking loops.

Members will have an exclusive “last to ride” opportunity for one final weekend on Nov. 4-5, and have the opportunity to be among the first to ride before the newly reimagined attraction opens to the public in 2024. For more information, visit the Busch Gardens Williamsburg official website.

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