Friday, June 14, 2024

‘Tiny Traders’ Kids Market Debuting Sunday in Toano

TOANO — Thanks to a boy who begged his mom for a lemonade stand, kids from the area are gearing up to sell their goods at the Tiny Traders Kids Market, kicking off on Oct. 1 in Toano.

Diana Popa, a parent involved in launching the market, explains.

“We originally started with my son’s lemonade stand at the Toano Open Air Market. I saw how much he loved interacting with the customers at the market. I decided to make an opportunity for all the kids to do a market,” Popa said.

Oct. 1 will be the inaugural Tiny Traders Kids Market, and vendors will range in age from five to 13 years old.

Current vendors include Jossy Jewels (jewelry), Thalia’s World (keychains), Carmen’s Butterflies (calming toys), Cookie Kingdom (cookies), Lemonitious (lemonade stand), MB Bracelets (bracelets), Leah and Siana (necklaces and keychains), Rainbow Wrists (bracelets), Isabella Haman (handmade cards), Ivy Rose Bracelets (bracelets), slime, Beachy Beads (jewelry sets), Day of the Dead Freeze Dry (freeze-dried treats), Kaitlynn’s Bow-tique (bows), Cartwheels and Crafts (bead art jewelry, keychains, and magnets), Buzz Treats (honey treats), and Alicia (bath bombs).

The event will also have free fairy hair and glitter tattoos for guests. All purchases at the market must be made in cash.

Popa and her team started the market with the hope of teaching kids the fundamental skills of owning their own business.

“We strongly advocate for the holistic development of children and fostering essential skills like teamwork, critical thinking, and resilience. We want to inspire children’s dreams and passions with the Tiny Traders Kids Market, but this is just the beginning of our journey,” Popa said. “Business education doesn’t have to wait until adulthood to start, and things can be made appropriate for their age.”

The Tiny Traders Kid Market will take place every first Sunday in October, November, and December. Kids do not have to be registered to sell their items all three months, they can attend the market as they are able to.

Popa and the team are hopeful to expand operations in 2024, adding entrepreneurial classes for kids, local business speakers, and even the creation of a Teen Traders Market.

“Children have really creative ideas and it’s very neat to see what they come up with. If we can start early with them, with any ideas that they have where they have no boundaries and their imaginations can go wild, if they keep with it, imagine having a business that you created at nine years old, ten years from now, they can have a full-on brand,” Popa said.

The market is slated for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 3135 Forge Road, Toano. For more information or to inquire about being a vendor, visit the Tiny Traders Kids Market Facebook page.

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