Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Ferris’ Day Off: New Quarter Park

HISTORIC TRIANGLE — Part beagle, part foxhound and all attitude, Ferris Bueller (no, not THAT Bueller but, definitely named after the ’80s icon) is a one-year-old pup who loves to head out on adventures and explore new places and meet people.

Needing to get outside and burn off some energy, Ferris headed to the slightly hidden and lovely New Quarter Park in York County.
This 545-acre park has access to both Queens Creek and the York River, along with some great amenities.
As we pulled in, we noticed disc golf being played and a softball field before arriving at the park office building where you can reserve and pay for the rental of those activities as well as launch fees for paddle craft. However, it is free to enter the park and use the hiking trails, mountain biking trails and other features.
As with most parks, York County states, “dogs must always be under their owner’s control on a physical leash. It is the owner’s responsibility to dispose of their pet’s physical waste properly.”
Parking next to the large playground, our pup jumped out of the car and headed straight to a trail map. From there, we walked one of the many tree-lined paths down to the floating fishing pier to watch several folks cast their lines.
Another really awesome item we came across was a sign for “Movies in the Park.” While Ferris wouldn’t care so much for the event, human children (and their adults!) would really enjoy hanging out in the park after dark to take in one of the family-friendly movies being offered this fall.
The free event takes place on Oct. 16, with New Quarter Park hosting the showing of “Hocus Pocus” at sunset, weather permitting. Concessions will be available for purchase.
Before we left, we stopped on a park bench to rest and enjoy the birds, since the park is home to many species. When you come, how many different birds will you see?

Happen to spot Ferris out on an adventure? Come say hello! If you have a dog-friendly suggestion you would like Ferris to consider covering or visiting, please email his mom. Hounds are not very good at responding.

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