Friday, April 19, 2024

Ferris’ Day Off: Freedom Park

HISTORIC TRIANGLE — Part beagle, part foxhound and all attitude, Ferris Bueller (no, not THAT Bueller but, definitely named after the ’80s icon) is a one-year-old pup who loves to head out on adventures and explore new places and meet people.

Ferris (and his sister, Barley Malt) know few human words but, they definitely know ‘walkie’ and ‘park’ means their favorite place; Freedom Park!

Parks are great places to get some exercise, enjoy new smells, and meet others while taking in the fresh air. Freedom Park offers miles of trails, plenty of shaded trees and so much for both canines and their humans to explore.

James City County states, “Freedom Park is a dog-friendly park. Dogs must be under the complete and immediate control of owners at all times and must be on a leash no longer than eight feet. Owners are responsible for removing dog waste. Litter bags are available and guests should use only what they need while using the trail.”

Ferris enjoys the two-mile multiuse trail and occasionally, following trail protocol and safety, will venture out on the bike trails when the traffic is light. We always walk in the reverse direction of bikers, keeping a vigilant eye open for when they are coming towards us and clear a wide path for them to pass safely. And, Ferris is NEVER allowed off-leash in public spaces.
Rich in history, Freedom Park was home to one of the nation’s earliest Free Black Settlements in America. There are three historically accurate recreated cabins that we often walk to. These cabins are furnished with items authentic to the period between 1803 and 1850.
The Williamsburg Botanical Garden is another dog-friendly area. Located just as you enter the park, this quiet family-friendly space is a good place to see native plants and for Ferris to (attempt to) chase butterflies.
While not appropriate for pups, their owners should consider a visit to Go Ape for the full Freedom Park experience.
To learn more about the park, visit the webpage.

Happen to spot Ferris out on an adventure? Come say hello! If you have a dog-friendly suggestion you would like Ferris to consider covering or visiting, please email his mom. Hounds are not very good at responding.

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