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Tunes in Town: Wolph Band

Wolph Band playing at a recent show (Wolph Band)

WILLIAMSBURG — “Tunes in Town” is an occasional series that will catch up with some of the local musical talents that call Hampton Roads home.

Wolph Band was the brainchild of sixteen-year-olds Dylan Stickle and Josh Wright. The duo would play music together often. When the two were jamming, band member Jacob Spence would join in occasionally. Add in Sam Navarre on drums, and the Wolph Band was born.

“Josh and I got together and started jamming. Josh’s dad called Jacob and told him that we were playing and asked him if he’d come by. Jacob plays music, so he came in and the band started in late 2022,” Stickle said.

Still somewhat new to the Williamsburg music scene, Wolph Band has seen success. Mostly playing covers of Grateful Dead songs, Stickle and Wright are usually found at festivals and breweries in the area.

Performing alongside Stickle, Spence, and Navarre, Wright is grateful to have created a band with his friends.

“We all have the same passion and music taste, so creating a band just fell into place. We started out by just listening to songs and just jamming with each other,” Wright said.

Stickle and Wright are very aware that they would not be successful without the support of the Williamsburg community.

“With music, anyone can relate and be on the same page. Music is fun and it’s not hard to have fun while listening to or playing music with anyone. The Williamsburg community has been really supportive of the band,” Spence said.

Wolph Band is the brainchild of two sixteen-year-old boys (Wolph Band)

Spence, as one of the older members of the band at 28, is inspired by what Stickle and Wright are doing.

“They remind me so much of who I was when I was their age because I played music too. They are already better than I ever was. I kind of picked around on it or took lessons, seeing them with such a passion, they can just shred the guitar and everybody who listens to them are always impressed. I just feel such a connection with them because I was doing the same thing they are at one point in my life,” Spence said.

Wright and Stickle enjoy creating covers of popular older songs while making them their own by putting different twists on classics.

“The creativity is really endless. You can do whatever you want on the guitar,” Wright said. “It’s a perfect way to express yourself and how you are feeling that day. During a show, you can express your emotions through the music and it’s a perfect way to do so,” Stickle said.

While the organizers are only sixteen, they have learned various skills by starting a band, with the importance of communication being the top item. Stickle and Wright also hope to inspire other kids their age to start their own bands.

“Keep playing and keep going. If there is any struggle, cut it out and just play,” Wright said. “Work around everyone’s abilities and try new things. If you get into arguments and fights, just let it go and forget it. Continue with the music and put your differences aside and remember that things will always turn out the way they are supposed to,” Stickle said.

For more information, follow Wolph Band on Instagram.

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