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Dominion Energy Volunteers Upgrade Dog Enrichment Area at Peninsula SPCA

Dominion Energy Check Presentation to Peninsula SPCA

NEWPORT NEWS —  Dominion Energy volunteers spent a day improving a Dog Enrichment Area for the Peninsula SPCA on Wednesday, June 28.

The enrichment area will provide dogs with relief from their kennels. Along with installing a special fence for the animals’ safety, volunteers worked on a flower bed and installed a water station. They also put in a doggy pool and toys. The refurbished area also gives potential adopters a better view of how the dogs play and interact.

Dominion Energy provided a grant to help assist with purchasing materials for the project. 

SPCA leaders say shelter life can be stressful for pets, but enrichment helps ease their stay and improve desirable behaviors.

Megan Steele, executive director of the Peninsula SPCA, said the shelter is thankful for the resources Dominion Energy has provided for various projects at the shelter.

“The Peninsula SPCA is turning 85 this year so that kind of longevity for an organization like ours, especially when we completely run on community support, is huge,” Steele continued, “This project wouldn’t be able to happen without Dominion Energy and its funding. The volunteer time alone is priceless, and it’s so critical to what we’re able to do here with shelter animals. In everything we do, we’re trying to make their stay a little better and more comfortable.”

Megan Steele and Terri MacIntyre (Dominion Energy)

As an animal lover, Terri MacIntyre, Projects Compliance Coordinator for Dominion Energy and board member for the Peninsula SPCA, said it made her feel good to connect the Peninsula SPCA with Dominion Energy.

MacIntyre serves on the board of the Peninsula SPCA and works as a Projects Compliance Coordinator for Dominion Energy. This dog enrichment area is an “Employees in Action” project sponsored by Dominion Energy.

“I count my blessings every day, and it comes from the heart,” MacIntyre said, “I always try to pay it forward. It’s a great feeling. Dominion Energy is a wonderful company to work for and they pay it forward with community service.”

The shelter received $2,500 for the project and employees volunteered their time to work on it. Dominion Energy also provided work trucks and supplies, including an auger, pulley, and poles for the fencing.

“This new space is something we’ve needed for a very long time, and it’s going to help them escape some of the anxiety of the shelter life,” stated Steele.

The recent upgrades are part of an ongoing partnership between Dominion Energy and the Peninsula SPCA. Last year, Dominion Energy employee volunteers built a ramp and play area for goats at the shelter.

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