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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Virginia’s Individual Income Tax Filing and Payment Deadline is Monday

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

RICHMOND — The Virginia Department of Taxation is reminding taxpayers that the filing and payment deadline for individual income taxes is Monday, May 1.

Taxpayers can find detailed information about changes for this filing season on its website.

“We are, as always, encouraging you to file electronically and request a refund, if you have one coming, via direct deposit,” notes Tax Commissioner Craig M. Burns.

Electronically filed returns are typically processed within two weeks, according to the department, while mailed returns may take up to eight weeks or longer to process.

In addition, the Virginia Department of Taxation reminds taxpayers:

  • No penalties or interest will apply so long as a return is filed and full payment is made by the deadline
  • Those who qualify are eligible to file taxes for free
  • For those who miss the filing deadline, Virginia has an automatic, 6-month filing extension. Any taxes owed must be paid on time to avoid additional penalties and interest
  • Those needing to make a payment can do so online, directly from a bank account; with a check or money order; or with a credit or debit card

Visit the Virginia Tax website for information on submiting a return. For secure, online self-service taxpayers can create and log into an online individual account, allowing taxpayers to track returns or refunds. The status of a refund can be checked by calling 804-367-2486, or using the Where’s My Refund application on the Virginia Tax website.

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