Saturday, December 2, 2023

Running Lights Beverages Born of Local’s Desire to Create a Better Beverage

Jason and Kristin Romesburg delivering Running Lights beverages to The Cheese Shop in Williamsburg. (The Cheese Shop)

WILLIAMSBURG — Dr. Jason Romesburg and his wife, Kristin, took more than a year to develop a new energy-boosting nutritious beverage. They knew they were heading in the right direction when their two children, ages eight and 10, asked for more.

“During the pandemic we were taking road trips in our camper, stopping at gas stations and I wanted a little boost to stay alert but didn’t want all the sugar or calories,” recalls Romesburg, “There was personal frustration not having a better choice of drink. I wanted something refreshing but I didn’t want to feel guilty consuming all the sugar. I wanted an energy boost but, am sensitive to caffeine.”

Determined to create a better beverage, Romesburg, who has experience in business as well as medicine, put a lot of thought into what was missing from the market.

“Running Lights is the only energy drink that has whey protein, which is equivalent to 12 almonds per drink,” said Romesburg, “This gives the consumer sustaining energy.”

(Running Lights Beverage)

The brand name and logo were both inspired by Kristin’s family owning a trucking company and her father driving a big rig.

“The running lights on a truck, traveling down the highway is just cool,” said Romesburg, “Keep your running lights on is our phrase and it means to sustain yourself and keep moving forward like truck drivers do.”

“While it is personal to us, it’s also a fun name because it has several different potential meanings to people,” continues Romesburg, “The sense of the brand is the movement, for people on the go.”

Running Lights beverages are 50 calories per can and promote a better, healthier energy drink with moderate caffeine, whey protein, electrolytes, vitamins and low sugar with three flavors to chose from.

In December, Romesburg became a semifinalist at the New Beverage Showdown, sponsored by Coca-Cola. The company began delivering products at the end of January.

Look for Running Lights Beverage locally at Frothy Moon Brewery, The Cheese Shop and The Virginia Beer Company.

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