Monday, June 17, 2024

Lackey Clinic Offering Free Online Healthcare 24/7 for All Virginians

YORKTOWN — Lackey Clinic, a free and charitable healthcare center in Yorktown, announced it has launched a brand-new program called Lackey Virtual Care — an online medical diagnosis and treatment service operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The clinic said it is offering the service free of charge for all Virginians aged 18 years or older, whether they are current Lackey Clinic patients or not.

“This is a huge breakthrough,” said Dr. Jill Cottel, Lackey Clinic Medical Director, “because Lackey Virtual Care gives anyone the opportunity to start the process online for a doctor’s visit anytime from anywhere in Virginia. This helps anyone with symptoms such as colds, fevers, dental pain, and more to have direct access to a provider without having to make an appointment or wait in a patient waiting room. Thanks to the support of our donors to cover our current costs, we are able to provide high-quality care free of charge — saving uninsured Virginians both time and money.”

Using the platform, powered by the clinic’s partnership with Fabric Health, a patient starts their online visit just as if they were explaining their symptoms to their doctor or nurse.

One of the clinic’s licensed providers then reviews the information, makes a diagnosis, and creates a treatment plan. Within four hours — and often minutes — during the clinic’s business hours, the patient receives their care plan and can select their pharmacy if a prescription was given.

If the provider needs more information, they can reach out to the patient via live chat or live video, the clinic added.

“I had a bad cough and a very sore throat for several days,” said Sonia, a Lackey Virtual
Care Patient. “I was getting concerned and thought I should seek care. I work full-time, and it’s difficult to take off from work. I got on the Lackey Virtual Care site, and it went
very well. I answered the questions, and then the doctor made a video call with me so
she could learn more. I was prescribed medicine, and shortly after the visit I felt better. I
am grateful for the help, and I was very relieved I had somewhere to turn so quickly for

“Lackey Virtual Care is a gamechanger for us,” said Cottel, “because it is helping us
expand the impact of our mission to serve the medically disadvantaged by providing
better healthcare access for more people and hopefully improving their health

Lackey Clinic is a faith-based nonprofit providing free and charitable healthcare to
uninsured adults in Virginia. The clinic provides a full range of high-quality healthcare
services for free including primary and specialty medical care, dental care, eye care,
virtual care, free and low-cost prescriptions, behavioral health services, diabetic
education and spiritual care.

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