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Williamsburg City Council Tables Strawberry Plains Decision, Sends High Street Request Back to Planning Commission

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WILLIAMBURG — The Mar. 14 Williamsburg City Council meeting saw no final decisions regarding rezoning requests for 180 Strawberry Plains Road or High Street.

A request to rezone property located at 180 Strawberry Plains Road, proposed by Cale Development LLC, for 112 townhouses with a potential of 187, was delayed after the applicant’s lawyer requested that the public hearing be tabled as it works to respond to community comments.

The motion passed to table the rezoning request with a 4 to 1 vote. Even though the public hearing was tabled, the floor was still open for public comment during the open forum for speakers to share their views with the city council.

A request by Crescent Acquisitions LLC on behalf of High Street Shops LLC to rezone two vacant parcels located at 1430 High Street for two apartment buildings and 5,000 square feet of commercial space was sent back to the Planning Commission after it was revealed the developer had made changes to the request.

The developer is also seeking a change in the Williamsburg City Code to create a new Economic Development District (ED-3) zoning ordinance and a special use permit to allow it to build 187 Multifamily Dwellings.

In the original application, 86 parking spaces were provided on-site and the remaining required spaces were to be shared by residents and patrons of businesses within the High Street development. To improve the parking issue, units were decreased from 199 to 189 and provided designated parking spaces. With the change in the square footage, density has decreased.

The Planning Commission voted 5-0-1 to recommend denying the proposal in December before the change in square footage and density. As a result, a motion was put forward for the proposal to return to the Planning Commission for a new recommendation.

“I really believe that with the changes that have been made to this proposal, in order for me to support [it] as it’s being presented today, [the proposal] either goes back to the planning commission or I’m just not in a position to support it today,” said Vice Mayor M. Pat Dent.

“If we could vote on this today and approve it, I do think it’s a good use for the property,” said Mayor Douglas Pons. “If it’s the will of the council to see this go to Planning Commision, like Mr. Rogers, I would support that.”

The motion for the High Street project to go back to the Planning Commission passed unanimously.

The next City Council meeting will be on April 11 at 2 p.m. in the Stryker Center. For more information, visit the official webpage.

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