Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Williamsburg Health Foundation Captures History of Community Response to COVID-19 in Video

Every year, the Williamsburg Health Foundation creates a video to help celebrate its annual awards efforts to improve the health of the Greater Williamsburg Community.

For 2021, the theme of the annual awards was “lasting innovations” from lessons learned during the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many members of the community were interviewed and celebrated. The emergency departments of York and James City counties and the City of Williamsburg received cash awards.

As WHF was interviewing people to create the video, “They kept telling us how their organizations responded to the pandemic, not just about lasting innovations they intended to keep using beyond the pandemic. We realized there was a larger story that just had to be told and heard,” said Carol Sale, President and CEO of WHF.

“We caught a lot of content that we didn’t want to leave on the cutting room floor. So, we asked our film company to create another video that highlights how those members of our community responded to the pandemic at the time,” said Kyra Cook, Director of Strategy for WHF, who oversaw the creation of the annual awards videos in 2021.

“We are always delighted when we can celebrate courageous and collaborative work that improves the health of our community.” As a result, WHF has created a 12-minute video which documents the history of many organizations that work to keep people safe, housed, fed, and, eventually, vaccinated during this ongoing pandemic.

“I think we all thought the crisis of COVID-19 would be history by this time in 2021,” said Sale. “It never occurred to many of us that there would be anything but a rush to vaccination. We live in a world where we have defeated viruses like smallpox and polio. As an organization dedicated to health, we unequivocally encourage people to be vaccinated.

To watch the video, just click the play button below. All videos celebrating annual awards can be found at the Williamsburg Health Foundation YouTube page.

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