Friday, February 3, 2023

Virtual games for quarantine game nights

Traditions have changed a lot in the past year because of the ongoing pandemic, but this is still fun to be had.

If you have been looking to host a fun virtual game night, all of the games on this list are easy to pick up and play, even if some members of your game night have never touched a controller. From wacky trivia games to modern multiplayer classics, here’s WyDaily’s list of recommended family friendly games.

  • Heads Up! (free to $0.99; and Players must guess the words that are being displayed on their head via the scream on thier smartphone, with everyone else in the group doing their best to give clues.
  • Jackbox Party Pack (starting at $12.49;  Jackbox Party Pack series consists of various party game collections that are easy to play and can quickly go off the rails in the best way possible.

  • Outburst (Starting at $39.99; Playing this family favorite virtually is easy, all you need is at least of one friend to have the game on deck. Once confirmed start readying your list of answers for a friend feud like no other.
  • Online Bingo (Free) Using the website Bingo Maker, create a virtual game with unlimited players.

  • Quiz Up (Free on the app store). This app has a ton of categories to choose from, like Disney, sports, or video games. Users can play with anyone worldwide or set up a round with friends.

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