Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Meet Tavy, the pup who loves bubble baths


What is your pet’s name?


What is the breed of your pet?


How was your pet’s name chosen?

She is named after the river Tavy in Devon England, where my father grew up. Each of our three children were named after a grandparent. The grandparent left out, my father, got the dog! He is not sad about this.

What’s one memory you have of your pet that really shows off their character?

Any relaxing bubble bath is an invitation to swim for Tavy. No warnings are necessary.

If you had to guess, what is your pet’s greatest ambition in life?

To leave no lap uncuddled.

What’s a personality quirk that seems entirely unique to your pet?

Tavy knows when you are sick. She will not leave your side for days until you are better. This is most true when a fever is present and she must snuggle close to share in the warmth.

If your pet were a famous historical figure, who would they be?

Marie Antoinette – Let them eat cake. Tavy loves cake.

If you could tell your pet one thing, and they would understand every word, what would you tell them?


Submitted by Heather I Markle.

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