Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Meet Mischief, this week’s adoptable pet. Brought to you by Tito’s!

Meet Mischief, the handsome cat who would love to become a part of your family. (Photo by Southside Daily/Jessica Guckert)

Feeling fancy? Meet Mischief, a Turkish Van who arrived at the Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC) in early August. Since his arrival, our staff has been swooning over this handsome boy and his flowing creamsicle coat. The vet describes him as “carb sensitive” and prescribed some low-carb wet food to help balance his glucose levels. He’s been thriving and is most definitely one of the sweetest boys at the shelter! He also qualifies for our “Golden Paws” program for a reduced adoption fee. If you’d like to meet Mischief in-person, contact the NACC at 757-441-5505 or visit our website at www.norfolk.gov/nacc.

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